Q: I’m so stressed out I can’t function anymore, how do I deal with that?

A: I was the same, your nervous system is simply overloaded by 24/7 input (mostly negative) You need to learn how to systematically Peel Away The Pressure on a daily basis. And ESTABLISH INNER PEACE. So it can rebalance itself and restore equilibrium – Restore natural balance and happiness.

Q: I have this horrible anxiety in my chest most of the time. How do I get rid of it?

A: No. 1. Start using the FEEL BETTER IN 5 techniques am and pm for 10 minutes. If that feels too difficult. Start with 5 minutes and work up as it feels right.

A: No. 2. Use the POT (Pressure Off Tools) to systematically Peel Away The Pressure every day. Your body is most likely accidentally stuck in FEAR, Fight or Flight mode (RED ALERT).

You need to do what’s necessary to get back into calm mode and restore natural balance.

A: No. 3. If you want to learn the tools to conquer it once and for all. Let’s have some bespoke private sessions.

Q: I feel guilty all the time. How do I stop that?

A: Feeling guilty is an endless no-win mind-game about something you did wrong, or think you did wrong in the past.

You need to understand that as we grow up, we mature and evolve. Over the years our outlook changes and we learn to make better decisions and behave kinder towards others and ourselves.

Unmanaged your mind will keep milking you for the negative energy it craves. Hence, it keeps playing the guilty/regrets game with you, over and over again.

To free yourself learn the techniques to stop this MindGame:

(1) Forgive yourself completely, for not knowing any better at the time. You were less experienced, less evolved, that’s all. Now you know better, you can do better.

(2) Clean up your messes. Apologise unreservedly to anyone you need to. (If others were involved)

(3) Be glad for the experience life has given you in order to evolve to your fullest potential. Now you know better, do better. From now on make even better decisions in your life. Now drop the guilt/regret game and move on with your life.

Q: I often feel down and bad for no reason, why is that?

A: Feelings come up to take the pressure off of us. They are not our enemies. They actually come up to take the pressure off of you and lighten your load forever. You just need to remember that they don’t last, they are transient, they can’t last. Plus or minus, like spokes on a forever turning wheel, they come up and they go down again.

They key is not to get dragged in by the negative ones, or cling to the positive ones. But to just: Remember their transient nature. Recognise – Accept – and Let Go of them. AFTER EVERY BIG STORM – COMES CALM. So look forward to them coming, you’ll feel great once they’ve passed.

Once you’ve acquired the skills to handle and effectively release them, negative thoughts or feelings will never bother you again.

WORRYING (I used to be a World-class 24/7 worrier)

Q: How do I stop worrying?

A: Learn to live in the present moment only. And learn to effectively clear out the negative energy that’s left over (still stuck) in your nervous system, from past experiences.



If you commit to helping yourself with simple daily practices – I’ll guide you every step of the way.  To a place of inner peace, so your natural-born happiness can restore itself it’s your birthright.  Inner Peace is the KEY to happiness, contentment and stress-free-living.

Come and learn the tools to live your life with ease.

Peel Away The Pressure – Gain Inner Peace – Restore Your Happiness  Safeguard Your Mental Well-being & Live Life with ease!

Now Your Happiness is Your Choice!

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Anxiety for 25 Years (Abbreviated)

I had Anxiety for 25 years, from age 10 – Counselling and medication didn’t work,

THIS DOES. I only needed 5 sessions with Julian.

Bradley Bones
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Bradley Bones
Depression and stomach pain for 6 Years (Abbreviated)

I was locked in depression and stomach pain. After 2 weeks this is already changing my life. I can think clearer, smile and I feel happy again.

Gideon Nielsen
Journey Navigator / Entrepreneur and Travel Writer - Denmark
Gideon Nielson
Stress, high blood pressure - 10 Years (Abbreviated)

I was trudging though life with high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Life-changing, nothing has ever worked so fast, or so sustainably.

Jennifer Flynn
The Balance Maven / Life Balance Coach - Colorado, USA
Jennifer Flynn

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