• Nobody wants to feel stressed, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or unhappy – it happens accidentally.
  • IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT – it’s simply down to:
    1) The way mother nature wired our brains.
    2) The way the societies we currently live in unknowingly teach, programme & condition us to interact with ourselves and others.
  • Once you understand these simple principles and techniques you’ll be happy with yourself exactly how you are – UNIQUELY PERFECT. And you’ll be able to interact with the world in kind, empowering ways, that leave you calm, happy, content and at ease – every day.

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Very few people seem to know how to positively handle and
clear, negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and behaviours.


These FREE 2-minute videos will help you start to understand the
REAL ROOT CAUSES and SOLUTIONS for stress, anxiety, unhappiness and more.

Video 01

Intro, how H.O.L. can help you live happily

Video 03

How you became stressed and unhappy

Video 04

Negative feelings unmasked

Video 05

Quietening the mind-chatter

Video 06

Negative feelings explained

Video 07

Getting rid of negative feelings

This Really Works…

Stress, high blood pressure - 10 Years (Abbreviated)

I was trudging though life with high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Life-changing, nothing has ever worked so fast, or so sustainably.

Jennifer Flynn
The Balance Maven / Life Balance Coach - Colorado, USA
Jennifer Flynn
Anxiety for 25 Years (Abbreviated)

I had Anxiety for 25 years, from age 10 – Counselling and medication didn’t work,

THIS DOES. I only needed 5 sessions with Julian.

Bradley Bones
Carpenter / Business Owner - Dymchurch, UK
Bradley Bones
Depression and stomach pain for 6 Years (Abbreviated)

I was locked in depression and stomach pain. After 2 weeks this is already changing my life. I can think clearer, smile and I feel happy again.

Gideon Nielsen
Journey Navigator / Entrepreneur and Travel Writer - Denmark
Gideon Nielson

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