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Why does the Happy Onion Living program work so fast, so well and last – when most other stuff apparently doesn’t?

  • Because it doesn’t hopelessly treat the symptoms of stress, negative thoughts, feelings or unhappiness.  It doesn’t put you in a box.  Give you a nasty label or give you a bunch of pills you probably would rather not have.  (Something I’ve heard from many clients – unfortunately)
    Together we’ll identify and resolve the REAL ROOT CAUSES that are keeping you unhappy.

  • Everyone is out there trying to fix a broken or dysfunctional mind – MIND IS THE PROBLEM.
    Mind is completely misunderstood and therefore totally unmanaged – The Western Psychological Model is wrong!  All the great Enlightened masters know this: Dr David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Adams, Sadhguru, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi etc etc etc…

  • I developed this program on myself over 9 years of non-stop trial and error. It offers you proven, clear-cut strategies and techniques to:
    1) Quickly quieten your racing or negative mind.
    2) Understand what negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours really are.  Where they come from.  Why they come up (To help us, believe it or not)
    3) And how to progressively neutralise and dissolve them for good.  The BYPRODUCT, side effect, of releasing them the H.O.L. way is natural calmness, happiness, improved mental health and productivity.

“This is my live’s work – it undoubtedly saved my life – it can help you too”

The new-old way to live life with ease and LOVE IT

The natural Happiness & Stress-free-living revolution has arrived

This Really Works…


I had Anxiety for 25 years, from age 10 – Counselling and medication didn’t work,

THIS DOES. I only needed 5 sessions with Julian.

Bradley Bones
Carpenter / Business Owner - Dymchurch, UK
Bradley Bones

I was locked in depression and stomach pain. After 2 weeks this is already changing my life. I can think clearer, smile and I feel happy again.

Gideon Nielson
Journey Navigator / Entrepreneur and Travel Writer - Denmark
Gideon Nielson

I was trudging though life with high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Life-changing, nothing has ever worked so fast, or so sustainably.

Jennifer Flynn
The Balance Maven / Life Balance Coach - Colorado, USA
Jennifer Flynn

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