Unhappy 6 years
locked into depression and Stomach Pain

I have suffered from trapped emotions, feeling locked into depression and unable to really feel the good things in life, and that has been going on for more than six years.

Working with Julian and using the ‘Happy Onion Living’ techniques for less than two weeks I have felt a significant change. I am feeling much more relaxed, calm and peaceful and I feel I now have the tools within me to always “hold on to that”.

This is already changing my life, I can think clearer, feel the good stuff, smile and feel happy in the natural way we were created to.

Not only has Julian been a great coach to work with, but he has developed into a reliable and trusted friend too.

Mr Gideon Nielsen, Journey Navigator - Denmark

Living under a black
cloud for 35 years

I am Susan Kay Dahl, The Passion Poet, and I have to say that in one short lunchtime session, (in sunny California) my life took a transformational turn because of a meditation exercise Julian offered.

He opened up the treasure chest and found the safest place to give me the gift of “unpeeling” my own precious gift.

Let him do that for YOU. He is caring, kind, sensitive and supportive. If you join Julian, you will not only discover your inner “gem,” you will be able to share your treasure with those who need it most. And that is priceless.

Mrs Susan Kay Dahl, The Passion Poet – USA

Bi-polar, Anxiety and
Racing mind for 4 years

I was diagnosed with bi-polar and anxiety in 2014 but have suffered with the symptoms since I was a teen. Medication prescribed by my psychiatrist either made me sick or put me in a zombie type state. My mind was constantly racing with thoughts and my mind was way ahead of my body. This would make me confused and went on 24-7. I could not sleep or relax.

My home had also become my safe haven and I never wanted to leave it. I would very rarely go out. My mind was fully in control of my life and I had no way of stopping it or helping myself.

Julian suggested I had a number of sessions with him as he believed he could help.

The transformation has been unbelievable. I have got a life back that I feel I am in control of. I use his techniques at times when I am feeling anxious. I have more confidence when going out and find myself smiling more.

It has been a long time since I have felt this good.

Mrs H. - Hythe, Kent, - UK

Anxiety, Panic attacks & Unhappy 6 years

I was very anxious before meeting Julian and I must say at the end of my first session I really did feel like ‘the pressure’ had been lifted.

Julian’s manner and demeanour is so welcoming and open I ended up feeling comfortable enough to relax and share how I had been feeling. (and even ended up sobbing, and I’m a tough cookie!)

He left me with some really good meditation tools to get started alongside techniques and health advice which has started me on a journey of healing. 

Miss Emily C. - Folkestone, UK

Not in a Nice Place, the world was against me

Hi my names James Baker,  I met Julian through a friend who thought that Julian could help with some of my problems.

On my first session I was in a "not so nice place" in my head and I felt like I was fighting the world. At home, at work and the establishment. Every system was against me.

Leaving the session I felt at ease in my head and had found new ways to deal with problems.

Also, the inner body experience was something else. I thought I knew what relaxing felt like, well, I was wrong. Instead of struggling to relax by myself, the Happy Onion Meditation Julian taught me works brilliantly. 

Mr James Baker - Director, Lydd - UK

Explosive Outbursts & missing the important things in life

I highly recommend Julian and Happy Onion Living to everyone.

I had been having outbursts from built up anger that had been laying dormant for many years.

I also wanted to enjoy the smaller things in life. Now, after 5 sessions with Julian over 4 months, he has ultimately given me the tools to help myself in a very simple way.

It feels as though he has all the answers and it's like talking to one of your best friends.

I am now certainly living a happier and more balanced life (no more outbursts and I'm enjoying those little things). I wish Julian all the success and truly believe everyone should know about the Happy Onion Living self-liberation programme.

Mr V. - Director, London UK

My Son's Alcohol Addiction was threatening to tear his family apart 

Julian has helped my son in the last few months with an alcohol addiction that was going to potentially split his family up. 

Having recently had a baby and started a new business. My son, unfortunately, under pressure turned to alcohol to help with the stress.

Having myself been married for many years to someone who had an alcohol problem, who used alcohol in this way. I know it doesn’t work. It was definitely the main reason my marriage ended. 

Stress is not made better with alcohol, it often makes things worse.

Fortunately I already knew Julian and of his work. And I knew I needed help and support for my son. He needed to find another way of managing stress, without going down the alcohol route.

I want my son to live a happy fulfilling life, with his family by his side. Alcohol addiction tears families apart. Look at any poor drunk on the street, you can bet your bottom dollar they were once part of a loving family unit.

Julian is heaven sent. He has helped my son to manage his problems and stress in a way that I just couldn’t get through to him. His 'Happy Onion Living' programme works wonders. He speaks my sons language.

They have built a trusting helpful somewhat spiritual bond, that some men might not feel comfortable talking about or exploring. The possibilities & benefits of this unusual approach as part of healing, most definitely works.

I know my son picked up bad habits from growing up around the negative effects of alcohol.

Julian’s methods have worked wonders with my son and I would recommend him hand on heart to help anyone who is struggling with life. Be it alcohol, drugs, or any other self destructing habit/addiction people use when facing life’s difficulties.

Julian has given my son practical tools, including meditation, to help him to help himself. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping and supporting him in his endeavour to live a happy life, and be able to see his child grow up in a healthy family unit, as it should be ♥

Karen Jones - Business Owner - Author of Happy You Happy Body - Orpington - UK

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