Morning Onions,
Hope you’re all well?

NEVER ENOUGH is an endless, no-win MindGame that only ever leaves us exhausted, dissatisfied and sometimes even skint.

Have you ever been certain that when you get that new car, bike, bigger house or perfect job. THEN you’ll be #happy?

But the minute you get that thing, that you just had to have, that you were so excited about.

The minute you get it, your mind switches from a million reasons why you should get it, to a million reasons why you shouldn’t have it.

That’s your egoic #mind milking you for energy +/-  It’s always seeking, never finding. Grass is always greener…

It’s an exhausting game that never ends until you become #aware of it.

If you want more #peace, #happiness and #contentment. STOP PLAYING THE GAME.  

Reconnect with and live from your original-happy-self and watch your energy and enjoyment of life RISE, effortlessly.

In reality, we need very little. Warm clothes, nutritious food, clear air, pure water. A secure roof over our heads and a loving community /home. 

And most important of all, INNER PEACE. The super-highway to genuine effortless reasonless happiness.

Have a lovely weekend y’all 😎🙏❤️