from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace, Happiness and optimal Mental Health

Stressed, Overweight, Unhappy, Unwell for 10 yrs:  "This is Life Changing!  I have tried everything... nothing has offered relief so fast or so sustainably"  - Mrs Jennifer Flynn - USA

Depression and Stomach pain for 6 years:  "After 2 weeks this is already changing my life, I can think clearer... smile and feel happy..." 
- Mr G. Nielsen - Denmark

Bi-polar, Anxiety, OCD, Racing mind, 4 years:  "The transformation has been unbelievable. I have got a life back... I feel more confident and I'm smiling more"  - Mrs H. - Hythe - UK.  Read More...

Is STRESS - ANXIETY - DEPRESSION spoiling your life?
- Are you a victim of your mind - Never feeling good enough - Self sabotaging - Plagued by negativity -


Are you ready to learn how to quickly PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE and neutralise negative thoughts and feelings whenever they arise?
so you can Feel Good, Be Happy and Enjoy Life.


Our mission is to show overwhelmed adults and teenagers - who want to live happily - simple, proven, life-changing methods to restore happiness and bring about a peaceful positive mind.

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Imagine... waking up every morning feeling relaxed, happy and looking forward to your day, knowing that you can calmly and confidently handle whatever comes up.
Living the Happy Onion way, you can.

How much happier would you be if you had clear-cut techniques to eliminate stress and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings whenever they arise? 

With Happy Onion Living, you do.

We are living in a stress and unhappiness epidemic - it's ruining our health - stealing our enjoyment of life - crippling our economy. And it's getting worse.

This unique self-help program can guide you, step-by-step, to quickly
Away The Pressures of modern day living.

You'll be able to de-stress and feel good in just 15 minutes, GUARANTEED

All unhappiness is of the mind. Learn to handle it, and you can attain inner peace, happiness and mental well-being for life.

This is your opportunity to bring about a calm, pleasant state of mind - so you can feel good, sleep well and smile again.

We can show you how.

You'll learn:

  • How negative thoughts, feelings and stress come about.

  • How to remove the power they have over you and clear them - forever.

  • How to maintain control over your mind and make your life a pleasant experience, from up-time to bed time. 

  • With simple daily practice you'll soon be able to calmly go with the flow of life, maintain a peaceful, positive mind and optimise your mental health.

What is Happy Onion Living?


How can it help you?

Happy Onion Living is a new way of living life with ease, not struggle. It is THE ART OF LIVING HAPPILY and a way to achieve true inner peace (peace of mind). A life where you're no longer troubled by stress, negative thoughts, feelings or unhappiness, because you know how to neutralise them at will.

This revolutionary self-help program is designed for dedicated adults and teenagers who are fed up with being miserable, and are ready to take decisive positive action to resolve it for good.

You will discover:

  • The root causes and solutions to all unhappiness and common mental health issues.
  • Why you're a victim of your mind, a slave to it. And how to retake control.
  • Learn, implement and master ancient techniques for creating a calm, happy and productive life you'll enjoy.

When applied every day, the HOL techniques will give you the skills to peel away negative thoughts and feelings - whenever they arise. 

In fact, as your skill-set grows, you'll be able to clear away any feelings or thoughts that are playing on your mind and making you unhappy.

How does Happy Onion Living work?

It offers you the insights, strategies and techniques to quickly Peel Away the Pressure. Eliminate stress, gain inner peace and restore your happiness.

As you learn to peel away the layers of false programming you have unknowingly absorbed throughout your life (It's not your fault - it's just how we humans are wired) You'll notice happiness resurfacing naturally. You'll be calmer, more cheerful and you'll start to enjoy life more and more everyday. And, along the way you'll naturally attain optimal mental health.

Happiness is our essential nature, we are all born happy. We can't get happy, but we can learn to
remove the road-blocks to happiness that the mind constantly puts in the way.

How Happy Onion Living came about - Julian's Story

Out of necessity. "After 30+ years of desperately struggling against severe stress, anxiety and depression. Eventually, in Dec. 2008 (age 45) I completely lost the will to live. I couldn't hack it and I didn't want to be here anymore.

Somehow I found the strength to give it one last go and see if I could find a better way to live. Free from negative thoughts, feelings and unhappiness. Nine years later, after endless trial and error, I found the way. I call it Happy Onion Living (H.O.L)

I now teach HOL to anybody who's found the courage to say:  "I'm not living like this anymore. I want to be happy and enjoy my life - How do I do it ?"

I'm not a Doctor or a Psychiatrist, I'm an Engineer by trade and a Stress Reduction, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor since 2010. Just an ordinary guy who had a massive problem - that was killing me, and I solved it.

I'll show you, step-by-step, the ancient techniques I learned, from the teachers I found. Simple, yet highly effective ways to quickly PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE and FEEL GOOD again. You'll learn to systematically remove negative thoughts and feelings - so you too can bring about a peaceful, positive mind - and enjoy life again.

Please have a quick look at the testimonials page. My relentless search to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings is now helping happiness-seekers internationally".

If you've suffered enough - let's get you smiling again!

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Julian Robus<br>The Peaceful-Mind Mentor<br>Stress Reduction - Mindfulness - Meditation<br>-
Resilience at work Instructor
Julian Robus
The Peaceful-Mind Mentor
Stress Reduction - Mindfulness - Meditation
- Resilience at work Instructor

Why choose Happy Onion Living?

  • Because it's simple - anybody can use it - and it works, longterm.

  • The HOL techniques empower you to free yourself and resolve the root causes of your unhappiness, in a way that most other programs simply can't do.

  • Now you can eliminate stress, gain inner peace, restore happiness and maximise your mental well-being. Without the need for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, therapy or medication. 

I'VE BEEN THERE - I solved it 
I struggled for 30+ years before I developed this simple, natural way to gain inner peace and restore my happiness.

You can learn to PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE and feel good in just 15 minutes.

You will learn to resolve the 7 root causes of negative thoughts, feelings and unhappiness.

Once mastered, you can benefit from these techniques forever. And we'll always be there to support you.

"The inner body experience was something else. I thought I knew what relaxing felt like, well, I was wrong. The Happy Onion Pressure-Off Meditation is something else" - Mr Baker - Lydd, UK

If you're ready to raise your Happiness-Factor, it'll do the same for you.

You can use the HAPPY ONION methods in 3 ways:

1) QUICK FIX Use them to take the pressure off yourself whenever you need to.

2) PREVENTION Use them to stay well clear of negative thoughts, feelings, unhappiness and stress - for life.

3) RECOVERY Transform your life. Use them every day to gain and maintain peace of mind, restore genuine happiness and optimise your mental health - for life.  Create a calm, happy, confident way of living, with inner peace, happiness and well-being at its core.

  • If you decide this is for you, together we'll quickly identify the root issues that are making you unhappy. Then we'll plan and implement your unique way to resolve them. 

  • With five easy Skype sessions, with me, you'll learn enough techniques to start resolving your negative thoughts and feelings for good. 

  • With simple daily practice, you'll be amazed how fast your stress, anxiety and depression levels can plummet and eventually vanish.

The 4 Fundamental Steps for creating a Calm, Happy and Productive Life

P.O. Meditation


"Wow I feel good" - Natural, non religious meditation - No pretzel legs or OM-ing.

Quickly allows you to take the pressure off yourself and feel good - fast.

Calms the overwhelmed mind.

Brings inner peace and contentment.

Vastly enhances you bodies ability to heal itself. 

Facilitates clearer thinking, better concentration and focus.

Better sleep and enhanced well-being.

Restores inner balance and your natural enjoyment of life.

"We were all born happy, it is our natural state" - this is the way back to inner peace, the superhighway to happiness.


How did you get like this? You'll learn the 7 ROOT CAUSES of all your unhappiness, and how to resolve them for good.

Learn about the nature of your mind and how to turn it into an ever faithful supportive servant.

Learn how to live in harmony with thoughts and feelings. And stop self-sabotaging behaviour.

Allows you to live in the present moment, free from anxiety or regrets.

Understand the mind traps (social programming) you are unknowingly caught up in and how to get out of them.

You are good enough - learn how to appreciate how unique and perfect you already are! Mother nature doesn't make mistakes.

Learn the secrets of how to go with the flow of daily life, calmly and confidently handling whatever comes your way.

Learn the shocking potential health consequences of long-term unresolved stress and unhappiness.

With the right tools, applied daily, you can attain and maintain inner peace, happiness and optimise your mental health.

(Present Moment Living)

How to take control, attain genuine long-term happiness and natural mental health - forever.

Turn your autopilots off - stop your robotic reactions.

Expose your hidden disempowering habits and behaviours.

Take control and self-correct your course from hereon in.

What are your life objectives?

Connect with your inner wisdom.

Create a calm, happy, confident, life, you can enjoy - every day

Maintain gain inner peace, restore genuine happiness and well-being

Live your life with less struggle and more ease every day



ARE YOU READY to take control of your happiness and mental health, for good?

Have you had, I mean REALLY HAD ENOUGH of being Miserable and Unhappy?

Are you determined to learn and implement the secrets to gaining inner peace (peace-of-mind) and restoring your natural-born happiness?

Are you ready to get out of theself-sabotage rut and only do things that are in your own best interests?

Ask yourself: Do I really want a calm, happy life?

If yes. Great. YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE and you've taken the first crucial step in the right direction. Once you fully accept your issues, you can resolve them.

Now fully commit to your own best future, 110%. Start learning and applying these simple techniques every day.

Repeat, repeat, repeat them every single day and make them your best new habits.

"I will persist until I succeed" is your new life motto.

We show stressed-out, overwhelmed, unhappy adults and teenagers how to...


Take control. Quickly peel away the pressure and neutralise negative thoughts and feelings. So you can feel good, sleep well and smile again.


Gain and maintain inner peace, restore genuine happiness and maximise your mental health. 


Calmly go with the flow of life. Naturally get more done and Enjoy everyday Living.

If you're serious about overcoming negative thoughts and feelings - THIS IS FOR YOU.

Together we'll resolve whatever is playing on your mind and making you unhappy. So you can FEEL GOOD, SLEEP WELL, SMILE AGAIN and enjoy a calm, happy and productive life - with a peaceful, positive mind.

Let's talk Book a FREE strategy session

The mental health revolution has arrived 
Now Your Happiness is Your Choice!

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