"This is Life Changing! Nothing has offered relief so fast or so sustainably"       "The transformation has been unbelievable. I feel more confident & I'm smiling more"


Would you like to feel calmer & happier every day
& live life with more ease than ever before?

Welcome to Happiness & Mental Health Mastery from HOL

Come & learn little-known, ancient, life-changing methods,
for clearing negative thoughts, feelings & moods today

This life-changing 3-Step program will teach you, simple, proven, clear-cut techniques - THAT ACTUALLY WORK - to dissolve negative thoughts & feelings whenever they appear. And automatically start to quieten your mind - make it more peaceful & positive.

Julian Robus is a British Happiness & Mental Health Mastery Coach.
Pressure-Off Meditation Instructor and Spiritual Teacher.

Against all the odds, over 9 years of meticulous non-stop trial & error, he discovered natural methods that ended his decade's long battle against severe Stress, Anxiety & Depression.
He also struggled with profound sadness and an exhausting racing mind.

In his own words:
"I never set out to create a business that helps people of all ages. It was only ever me trying to get rid of my own stress, anxiety & depression. It was destroying my health & killing me. I couldn't concentrate at work, relax or have fun at home. Life was a constant struggle & I didn't want to be here anymore. It felt like there was always a black cloud hanging over me. 

Along the way I discovered that 1. Happiness Is Our Natural State. We were all born happy. And, we can get it back.

2. With simple daily practices you can establish inner peace, the KEY to significantly enhancing & maintaining genuine natural happiness. 

And 3. Our Happiness & Mental Health is determined by how calm, peaceful and at ease we feel inside most of the time. Which again, is achieved through simple daily techniques that automatically quieten the mind & empower you to dissolve negative feelings when they come up.

I used my engineering training to assemble the most effective strategies & techniques into an A-Z Roadmap in case I regressed. That map enabled me to dissolve the misery & unhappiness I'd been unsuccessfully trying to conceal for years.

To my surprise, I then found that the methods I developed could help other people make big, positive, sustainable, shifts too. Often-times remarkably quickly.


On a scale of 1-10, how calm & happy are you most days? WANT TO IMPROVE IT - BIG TIME?
If you're done with feeling miserable & depressed & you want to live life with more ease every day - what are you waiting for? GET IN TOUCH TODAY - I'd be delighted to help you".

Life-changing knowledge, strategies & techniques to help you
Peel Away The Pressure now
Feel calmer & happier in minutes

Improve & Safeguard Your Mental Health
Live Life With Ease

For business owners, managers & executives who are serious about becoming calmer, happier, more content & productive. Who want to excel at work - enjoy life at home and live life with more ease every day.

Ready to become calmer & happier & live life with ease?

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THIS IS FOR YOU if you're not enjoying life like you used too, and you're ready to use simple techniques on a daily basis to GET YOUR HAPPY BACK - AND KEEP IT
- If you're overwhelmed - Lost your smile - Down in the dumps?
- HAD ENOUGH of feeling Stressed Anxious Depressed?
- Health problems - Not sleeping well?
Tired of not feeling good about yourself?
- Exhausted by a racing mind - want to quieten it?

You Can Feel Calmer & Happier In Just 15 Minutes

Used daily, Happy Onion Living skills will help you:
- Clear negative thoughts, feelings, moods & behaviours.
- Boost confidence, stop self-sabotage & gain focus.
- Chill out, relax like never before & feel good again.
- Attain & maintain a peaceful positive mind-set.
- Find your true-self & live life with ease.

I've done it - if you're looking for real positive change - I'll show you how

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I've walked in your shoes..
my pain & suffering created these life-changing methods to
help you 
create a much calmer, happier, simpler life.

I'll share with you the exact 3-Step plan that ended my
Stress Anxiety Depression & Racing Mind

HOL is a human instruction manual for living life with ease.
A practical self-help guide, with lifetime support, to help you

Disarm and dissolve negative thoughts & feelings
Establish inner peace - the KEY to feeling good

Restore Your Happiness
Enhance & safeguard your mental health &
Live Life With Ease

How can I say this?
Because I live it every day!

become at ease with yourself, the world & everyone in it

Extraordinary Happy Client Testimonials

Depression and Stomach pain - 6 yrs:

"After 2 weeks this is already changing my life, I can think clearer... smile and feel happy..."

- Mr Gideon Nielsen - Entrepreneur - The Journey Navigator - Denmark 

Trudging through life, Stressed-out, High Blood Pressure, Unhappy 
- 10 yrs:

"This is Life Changing!  I have tried everything... nothing has offered relief so fast or so sustainably"

- Jennifer Flynn - Business Owner - The Balance Maven - Gunnison, CO - USA

Bi-polar, Anxiety, OCD, Racing Mind - 4 yrs:

"The transformation has been unbelievable. I have got a life back... I feel more confident and I'm smiling more"

- Mrs H. - Home Maker - Hythe, Kent - UK

Ready to become calmer & happier & live life with ease?

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Without Inner Peace, Happiness & Mental Wellbeing
 this world can be a very lonely & miserable place.
I've been there - done that - found natural solutions.

The Secret to Living with Ease
All unhappiness comes from the mind / thoughts


HOL techniques can help you become peaceful inside,
dissolve negative feelings & quieten the mind

With simple daily practices happiness returns & you start to
Feel Good - Sleep Well - Smile More
Experience life with more ease than ever before

Balancing stones sketch L

What HOL is & how it can really help you

Happy Onion Living is a core life skill-set that's unfortunately not being taught in our families, schools or universities, yet. It demystifies, clarifies and lays bare why so many of us are so stressed-out, overwhelmed, miserable and unhappy.

It identifies and exposes the real root causes and offers proven, practical, natural techniques for peeling away the pressure on a daily basis. Progressively enhancing, safeguarding and maintaining ones happiness & mental health.

As individuals and as a society we have drifted so far from our true nature that being stressed anxious and depressed is an inevitable consequence.

Until we are systematically taught, from an early age, how to effectively handle the endless pressures and demands of 21st century living - how to neutralise and eliminate negative thoughts & feelings when they arise – our misery and suffering is set to increase and go on and on.

Just by knowing and fully accepting that you have been involuntarily programmed with layers of unnecessary pressure - like an onion. And by knowing how to peel away those layers - daily. You’ll start to feel better and be able to create a much calmer, happier and more contented life for yourself, with much more positivity and ease.

You'll Discover

1. How you accidentally & innocently got into your unhappy-mess. 

2. How to get out of it - daily.

3. How to stay out it - forever.

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Time for a new way

Time to live life with ease

~ Here to help you live life with ease ~


If you commit to helping yourself with simple daily practices. I'll guide you, step-by-step, to a place of inner calm. So you can progressively restore your natural-born happiness...
it's your birthright.

Every technique you use will help you attain and maintain more inner peace. The KEY to genuine lasting happiness & contentment.

We're all here anyway...
we might as well enjoy our lives 🙂

Julian Robus, creator of HOL.<br><br>Happiness & Mental Health Mastery<br>Stress Reduction, Mindful Living<br>and Meditation Instructor.<br>Spititual Teacher

Julian Robus, creator of H.O.L.

- Happiness & Mental Health Mastery Coach
- Pressure Off Meditation Instructor
Spiritual Teacher

"I just wanted to know how to be happy & enjoy life with ease"

Hi, I'm Julian,
After decades of suffering with severe Stress Anxiety & Depression I set out to find natural methods to free myself.

Without the use of alcohol, drugs, medication or end-less therapy I couldn't afford.

Over 9 years of painstaking trial & error, I worked it out. I discovered the root causes & real solutions for negative thoughts, feelings, unhappiness & mind-chatter - I found a better way to live.

I've done it - If you're ready -
I'll show you how.

For the full story, CLICK here

Ready to become calmer & happier & live life with ease?

Let's talk Book a FREE 15min. help chat


In five easy 1-to-1 video calls with me, you'll learn simple proven techniques to become calmer & happier, gain inner peace and enjoy life with more ease.

You'll be amazed how fast stress, anxiety, depression etc.
can all start to fade and eventually vanish.


It doesn't have to cost a fortune or take months or years to start living with more calmness, happiness & ease.

I need the occasional beans on toast too. So
after each session you choose what you pay
£35 - £55 - £75 or £95 per 60 minute session.

Every pound over £55 helps less fortunate people.

Few things in life are more important than investing in your
Happiness & Mental Health - YOU ARE WORTH IT

Take back control from negativity & live life with ease - let me show you how

 Book a FREE 15min. help chat

 diy Tools for
Overcoming Negativity & Living with Ease

The upcoming guidebook, game & home study course will give you the skills
(necessary insights, tools, strategies & techniques) to progressively
free yourself from negative thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

Become Calmer & Happier & Live Life with Ease

To find out how this is different from everything else out there and why it works - keep reading...


THE KEY to genuine long-term happiness,
contentment, joyful living and mental well-being, is...

inner peace

No one seems to be teaching how to attain & maintain it in an easy to grasp, easy to use, life-transforming way...until now

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No matter what you call yours, or label you've been given...
Stress, Anxiety, Depressionemptiness, sadness, guilt, regrets, anger, hate & unhappiness are

for negative thoughts & feelings

Growing up, no one ever teaches us how to positively handle,
neutralise & eliminate negative thoughts & feelings - do they?

Relax - it's not your fault, with a little guidance you can fix it.

How much happier would you be if you had simple, proven, clear-cut techniques to disarm, neutralise and eliminate negative thoughts and feelings whenever they come up?
...with Happy Onion Living, you do

HOL sketch W Bin 2
HOL sketch Wonder Why OO

Have you ever wondered why,
no matter what you've tried before,
u're still feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy?

Or perhaps you sometimes just don't feel good enough,,,
or you feel 
sad and empty for no reason?

"Not so many years ago, that was me too"

...it's because you're unknowingly, innocently, temporarily, stuck in
the Stress Anxiety Depression

"For me negativity was always in the background waiting to COME BACK"

HOL sketch Boomerang OO
Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 23.23.59

They keep coming back because you're not yet usingsimple, effective, Happy Onion techniques to neutralise and eliminate the ROOT CAUSES of your negative thoughts, feelings
and mind-chatter - 
on a daily basis.

Together we can fix that - if you're ready - I'll show you how


STOP your S.A.D. boomerang coming back - become a Happy Onion

HOL sketch content

It's not your fault no one ever taught you
why negative thoughts and feelings come up.
How they actually help you - yes, they help you.

And how to dissolve them when they appear.
(Very few people know this)


Once you clearly understand the root causes,
and you're using the antidotes every day, you'll

start to live in the present moment
where they can not exist.


If your - I'm Happy Mask - has become too heavy, let's
PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE & get your real smile back.

If you're looking for natural methods that work,
his could be the Happiness & Mental Health
life-changer you’ve been looking for.

Your opportunity to Gain Inner Peace & Enjoy Life with
Less Stress and 
More Ease Than Ever Before

Come on, let's talk Book a FREE 15min. help chat




How much is stress costing your organisation every month in lost productivity, sick pay and the sheer inconvenience and hassle of having to re-distribute the workload or find temporary staff, again?



It’s not until we really understand something how to use something. A bicycle, a pen or a PC, that we can start using it to our best advantage. Unfortunately, the great majority of us haven’t got a clue how the mind works, and it's costing us dearly - our happiness, mental & physical health.



So, one day, in your 30's, 40's or 50's, you wake up and realise you're miserable. Life has become a chore, a grinding struggle.

Days and weeks have become something to get through and you really can't remember the last time you had fun. What on earth happened? It never used to be like this?


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