UNLOVEDNESS – Reclaim your True, Original, Happy & Contented Self

Morning Onions,
Hope you’re all well?

UNLOVEDNESS is an accidental human condition many of us have become unknowingly, temporarily, stuck in. We’re stuck in our heads/minds/thoughts most of the time = the false-self. A very unhappy place to be.

Just like Gollum, deep down the human mind/ego has been programmed (by society) to feel unloved. It lives in a state of near-constant lack, dissatisfaction, worry, anxiety, fear and stress.

Never really feeling GOOD ENOUGH about itself. Constantly looking over its shoulder.
Always trying to PROVE itself to itself and others, and get ahead. Because “When I get ahead and become successful, I’ll get recognition, I’ll be respected, I’ll be somebody” – says the mind. That’s accidental UNLOVEDNESS folks.

Until you learn to recognise and clear it, it can keep you miserable forever. (I know, that was me for 40 years)

It’s an endless, no-win, MindGame that has been bred into many of us. We’ve been brainwashed into feeling and thinking of ourselves as NOT GOOD ENOUGH, never good enough = UNLOVED. So not worthy of good things, relationships or success.

And, on top of all that. Just to make things worse. I’ve discovered that there’s a misunderstanding between our old animal brain (still in the back of our heads) and our modern V12 human brain. Which reinforces this dysfunctional belief system = B.S.

So, until we become aware, understand and clear this issue. We can find ourselves constantly seeking, never finding. The Grass is always greener… Many of us are hardly ever really satisfied or content for very long. We can feel lost, confused about life, alone and #unloved. (That was me)

Why? Because we’ve lost touch with our true-selves. We’re drifting around in life like a ship without an anchor.

Free yourself. Discover how to PEEL AWAY the layers of dysfunctional programming you never chose for yourself. Start moving back towards your true happy authentic self. Self-realisation (what you really are) is the human trajectory.

As you do, you’ll find yourself feeling better and better each day. You’ll quickly become more and more peaceful inside. You’ll start to feel good about yourself. Sleep well and just enjoy being you. Like you did when you were 3. Happy for no reason.

Content with the things you already have. You’ll come to live in harmony, gratitude and peace. All searching will eventually stop and you’ll go from completion to completion. Instead of being stuck on the lack-to-completion Hamster wheel. You’ll effortlessly flow with life in grace, okay-ness and joy.

You’ll be able to handle whatever challenges come up each day, without getting stressed or going all to pieces.

Peel your onions guys. Come home to your true original happy and contented selves. Let’s celebrate life and live it with ease – together.

Have a lovely day y’all 😎🙏❤️