Maintain a quiet mind if you want to live happily.

Is your head full?
Are you living in your head?
Is your mind driving you completely off the wall with non-stop chatter or overthinking?

I was speaking with a young gentleman yesterday who could not stop talking for five seconds. He was analysing everything he said and everything I said. The poor chap is temporarily stuck in an addictive habit of making endless mind-noise out of everything.

He’s living on his nerves, not sleeping and sadly heading for a burn-out. (I know, I’ve had two)
His entire being is screaming out for some INNER PEACE.

If you want to keep yourself happy and healthy, please, make time every day to PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE. Shut your mind up and anchor yourself in the present moment all day long.

You won’t believe how much calmer and happier you will feel.

Have a lovely day y’all 😊🙏❤️