The cost of stress on your business

How much is stress costing your organisation every month in lost productivity, sick pay and the shear inconvenience and hassle of having to re-distribute the workload or find temporary staff, again?

Allowing short, 3 – 5 minute ‘pressure off breaks’ three or four times per day could significantly reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and score some major brownie points with your employees. For the simple reason that when we feel good (calm, relaxed and in control) we naturally perform better. At work and at home. That’s the power of stress elimination, mindful living and meditation training.

Efficiency, productivity, well-being and potential profitability all go up. If kept up on a daily basis, a natural harmony will start to establish itself and over time permeate the whole organisation, giving it a chance to really thrive, not just survive.

Your customers will notice it too. When they feel the positive vibe in which they are received their loyalty is likely to increase, leading to repeat and often-times even increased business and referrals.

The Happy Onion ‘resilience and well-being’ program teaches quick & simple, highly effective methods of stress reduction, mindfulness and relaxation in the workplace. Facilitating natural increases in productivity, well-being and moral. And it will aid your ‘Duty of care’ compliance.

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