It’s not until we really understand how to use something. Anything, a bicycle, a pen or a PC, that we can start using it to our best advantage. Unfortunately, the great majority of us humans haven’t got a clue how the mind works. In actual fact, most of us mistakenly think that we are our mind / thoughts.

As a consequence, we are oftentimes dragged along by an endless stream of non-stop negative mind chatter.

Video clips off the TV, music we heard somewhere, endless re-runs of past events. That argument you had with your other half or your boss. Or, your mind has got you trapped in feeling anxious about future things, that will probably never happen. (As a famous philosopher once said: Most of my life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened)

Our thoughts mercilessly throw us from pillar to post, causing much disquiet, stress and unhappiness. With the occasional bit of joy, just to keep us interested in its ramblings.

The mind can be the cruelest of tyrants. And, unfortunately, for many of us, it is. Constantly dragging us into one black hole of frustration an despair after another.

The other thing I’ve noticed. The more intelligent a person, the more capacity we seem to have for suffering from MindNoise, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and unhappiness.

So, sadly, for more and more of us these days. The misunderstood, undisciplined mind rules and it does everything it can to remain in charge.

Is it time you retook control?

Stop your suffering, learn to ‘peel away the pressure’ and rediscovered inner peace and happiness.

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