1-to-1 Private confidential mentoring.

For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, Teenagers and Humans ūüôā

  • Sometimes we just need a little 1-to-1 help to take the pressure off. So we can see the wood from the trees. (In person or over Skype)

  • As you can see from the testimonials, this programme works. It really helps - and fast. Just a few sessions can make a massive difference to your well-being and enjoyment of life.

  • Be at your best. Naturally get more done - more accurately - in less time. So you can calmly¬†enjoy your life every day.

Group workshops for Adults and Teenagers.

For Everybody who wants to be Calmer and Happier. Regardless of Age, Location, Social background or Religion.

  • Realise you're not the only one and that there is a natural, positive, DiY way out.

  • Discover why negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours come up. And how to dissolve them.

  • Learn new ways to quickly and easily peel away the pressures of your daily work and home life.

  • Naturally get more done¬†- more accurately - in less time.

  • Enjoy Your Life more every day.¬†

In-House Training for Companies, Schools and Universities.

Training you to teach your staff or and students life-changing Happy Onion methods.

  • Stress Elimination - How to quickly eliminate stress, using the unique Happy Onion pressure off tools and meditation. Bring more harmony into your workplace.

  • MindWorks - How it all comes about in the first place.

  • PML: Present Moment/Mindful Living - How to keep stress, anxiety and unhappiness at bay, for life. Positively impacts ones entire life.

  • Resilience at Work - How to calmly, confidently and effectively handle whatever comes your way.

  • Thrive - How to optimise mental health, well-being and Enjoyment of Life for all.

  • Productivity Boost - Techniques to attain and maintain efficiency without force.

One day - Weekly - or Monthly sessions available.

PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE Guidebook by Happy Onion Living 

  • I'm currently turning my mountain of scribbles, notes and sketches into a workbook - Subscribe below to be the first on the mailing list.
    I'll be sending out the first 10 copies for FREE. DON'T MISS OUT. 

Local classes coming soon: In Kent and East Sussex.

Stress Elimination ‚Äď Present Moment/Mindful Living ‚Äď Meditation - Mental Well-being and Resilience. (10am and 7.30pm week days)

Contact me for details: 07796 918 275

PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE for a calm, happy and productive life you'll enjoy

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