Dedicated to improving & safeguard the happiness & mental health of young adults & teenagers for generations to come.

Though teaching life-changing techniques to disarm & dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, moods & behaviours.

"ALL UNHAPPINESS COMES FROM THE MIND - Learn to positively handle it and you can live life with ease every day"

Tools to Feel Calmer & Happier & live life with ease

HAPPY ONION LIVING is dedicated to the relief of human suffering from negative thoughts and feelings.

Its aim is to give young adults, teenagers and open minded mature adults the necessary insights, tools, strategies and techniques to understand, neutralise and progressively eliminate negative thoughts and feelings whenever they come up.

So they can break free from the stress, overwhelm and unhappiness merry-go-round of their ancestors. 

It offers relief from the oppression of the completely misunderstood mind / thoughts / thinkingness.

H.O.L shows happiness seekers, simple, proven, life-changing techniques to attainment and maintain inner peace. The superhighway to genuine longterm happiness, mental health - natural well-being, and living life with ease.

Now, anybody who is willing to learn and implement these super-simple principles and techniques can discover how to quickly peel away the ridiculous pressures of modern day living, and start feeling better in minutes.

And progressively neutralise and eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. So you can feel good and enjoy your life with minimum stress and maximum ease.

With simple daily practice you'll be amazed how fast any stress, anxiety and depression levels can plummet and eventually vanish.

Happy Onion Living is a simple, effective, revolutionary self-help programme for determined, results-orientated adults, teenagers and open minded mature adults who are ready to take positive action to help themselves LIVE HAPPILY.

It's for people who are sick and tired of being miserable & suffering. It's for people who just want to be happy, feel good and enjoy life - like I did. It's for those who are ready to do whatever it takes to live life with ease.

If you're ready to take positive action. HOL could be the life-changer you've been looking for. A proven new way to boost your Happiness-Factor, without the need for cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, drugs, endless therapy or medication with potentially dangerous side-effects. 

The mental health and happiness revolution has arrived

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