Imagine... waking up every morning feeling good. Relaxed, cheerful and at ease. Looking forward to your day, knowing that you can calmly, confidently and appropriately,
handle whatever comes up. 
Living the Happy Onion way, you can.

Basic Engineering Principle:
"You can't solve a problem you don't fully understand"

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These 6 Video's explain:

  1. How you accidentally and innocently got into your unhappy-mess.
  2. How to get out of it.
  3. How to stay out, and create a calmer, happier life, you'll enjoy more each day.

Video - 01
How HOL can help you live happily

Video - 03
How you got stressed & unhappy

Video - 04
Negative feelings unmasked

Video - 05
Quietening the Mind-Chatter

Video - 06
Negative feelings explained

Video - 07
Getting rid of negative feelings


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We are living in a stress and unhappiness tsunami.
stealing our fun and enjoyment of life - ruining our health - crippling our economies - and it's getting worse.

This unique programme can guide you, step-by-step, to quickly Peel Away The Pressure and put a smile back on your face.

You'll be able to de-stress and feel good in just 15 minutes - GUARANTEED


You can't solve a problem you don't fully understand!

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, emptiness, sadness, guilt, regrets - are all just labels for negative thoughts and feelings.

And nobody has ever taught you why they come up, or how to effectively get rid of them - yet. That's really not your fault - but now you can learn to fix it.

ASK YOURSELF: How much happier would you be if you had clear-cut techniques to eliminate stress and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings whenever they appear? 

With Happy Onion Living, you do.


All unhappiness comes from the mind / thoughts and feelings.

As we grow up we accidental learn, and come to believe, that we are our thoughts and feelings. WE'RE NOT!

We're only the involuntary witnesses, the noticers, of the thoughts and feelings that come and go 24/7. PROOF: Otherwise, when your thoughts are driving you crazy, you'd be able to stop them, wouldn't you? But you can't, because you're just the noticer of the thoughts.

SOLUTION: As you learn how to master your mind, and how to positively handle uncomfortable feelings - Happiness starts to return, inner calm and mental well-being establish themselves.

This is your opportunity to bring about a calm, pleasant state of mind - so you can feel good, sleep well and smile more. And cheerfully go with the flow of life.

Is it time to discover your true power? To take control and stop being the punching bag of your mind/thoughts and feelings?

"I've done it for myself, and, if you're ready, I'll show you how".

7 ways to know you're ready for massive positive change

  1. You've tried everything, but you're still stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy - a lot of the time.

  2. You're sick and tired of feeling bad or sad for no reason - Why? Makes no sense - right?

  3. You're tired of being a slave to your mind / thoughts / thinkingness - it won't shut up.

  4. You don't feel good about yourself. That others are somehow better than you - not true. You're perfect, we all are.

  5. You sometimes sabotage yourself - even though you know better - huh?

  6. The way you feel is negatively affecting your work - school - Uni or home life.

  7. You just want to feel good, be happy and enjoy life. Like you used to - THIS IS FOR YOU

These methods will help you - take control - quickly peel away the pressure - gain inner peace
- progressively restore your happiness
and safeguard your mental health.

YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE - What are you waiting for? 

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Expect your mind/thoughts to resist this material.

  • It may tell you "This is rubbish".
  • It's too simple - THIS CAN'T WORK.
  • This bloke doesn't know what he's talking about.
  • I haven't got time for this every day.
  • I'm not that bad - I'll be alright. etc etc etc"

WHY? Because the mind wants to stay in charge.

  • It doesn't want to be quiet - it loves going on and on and on...
  • It doesn't want you to be happy - Makes no sense right!
  • It thrives on conflict, negativity, resistance, struggle, enemies and on being right. I'm right -
    They are wrong
    , says the mind.
  • It's always searching/striving, never finding. The grass is always greener... THAT'S ITS GAME.
  • The minds very nature is restlessness. It is NEVER completely happy. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL OF IT - subtly, but consistently.

"Over 9 years I identified and unpicked all the Mind-Games that kept me trapped
for decades.
If you're ready to free yourself, let me help you".

If you're ready to raise your Happiness-Factor, HOL will show you how.

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You can't solve a problem you don't fully understand!

Together we will:

  • Clearly identify the root issues that are keeping you unhappy.
  • Plan and implement your unique solutions, so you can learn to ENJOY YOUR LIFE every day.

So, what are your the 3 biggest issues?

TECHNIQUE No.1 - Feel better in 5 minutes
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Take control and make a positive change...

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This is your opportunity to create a calmer happier life you'll enjoy. With less stress and more ease. A way to inner peace = the superhighway to genuine, lasting happiness.

Take control. Quickly peel away the pressure, neutralise negative thoughts & feelings. Feel Good.

Gain and maintain inner calm, restore genuine happiness and safeguard your mental health. 

Calmly go with the flow of life. Naturally get more done and enjoy everyday living.


If you commit to helping yourself with simple daily practices - I'll guide you, step-by-step, to a place of inner calm, so you can restore your natural-born happiness - it's your birthright.

You'll feel the pressure coming off in just 15 minutes and
discover how to live your life with more ease.

Inner peace is the superhighway to happiness & contentment.


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How You Get Started

If you're serious about being calmer and happier every day - THIS IS FOR YOU

Together we'll peel away whatever thoughts or feelings are making you unhappy. 

with a peaceful, positive mind-set.

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The natural Happiness & Mental Health revolution has arrived.

Now Your Happiness is Your Choice!
ARE YOU READY to take charge?