Books 4 U

Recommended reading list:

The books/audiobooks in this list enabled me to move from inner turmoil to inner peace.

Trust your intuition and read whichever one appeals to you the most first.


  • The Present, by Spencer Johnson – Book

  • Yes or No, by Spencer Johnson – Audiobook

  • The Four Agreementsby Don Miguel Ruiz – Book

  • Self Mastery, by Dick Sutphen – 6 x CD Audiobook

  • Your simple path, by Ian Tucker – Book

  • Brand You, by John Purkiss – Book

For serious Inner Peace, Happiness or Enlightenment seekers:

  • A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle – Book

  • The Highest Level of Enlightenment, by Dr. David Hawkins – 6 x CD Audiobook

  • In the World, But Not of It, by Dr. David Hawkins – 6 x CD Audiobook

  • Thought Power, by Swami Sivananda – Book

  • Becoming your own Therapist, by Lama Yeshe – Book

  • *Letting go, by Dr. David Hawkins – Book (Highly recommended)

  • *Guaranteed Solutions For Lust, Fear, Worry, by Nithyananda – Book (Transformational Insights & Meditation) 

  • The Way Out, by Anonymous – Book (Highly recommended)

  • *Impersonal Life, by Anonymous – Book (Highly recommended)

  • *I AM THAT, by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – Book (Transformational)

  • *THE BOOK OF SECRETS,by OSHO – Book (Transformational)

  • Wake Up and Roar, by Papaji - Book (Free pdf)

  • tao te ching - A NEW ENGLISH VERSION - Book Stephen Mitchell

  • *The End Of Your World, by Adyashanti - Book


  • The Amazing liver & gallbladder flush, by Andreas Moritz – Book

  • The ph Miracle, by Dr. Young – Book

  • The ph Miracle for Diabetes, by Dr. Young – Book