Ready to BE HAPPY and live life with ease - STARTING TODAY?

Learn how to take control and be free from STRESS, ANXIETY or UNHAPPINESS, from someone who's done it!
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A reliable, 3-step system that helps you feel calmer and happier in just 15 minutes - OR IT'S FREE!

You'll gain reliable tools and techniques to stay Happy and Stress-free
in 5 sessions (8hrs)
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I've mastered them and would love to help you too.
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You'll find out how you accidentally became stressed or unhappy in the first place. How to get out and stay out.

Life-changing video call or in-person mentoring with Julian Robus. 

This is LIFE-CHANGING. I've tried everything... nothing has ever worked so fast or so sustainably"
Jennifer Flynn - The Balance Maven (Life Balance Expert)

Now, REAL lasting Happiness, is Your Choice!


Are You faking Happy?

If you'd like simple, reliable tools to clear negativity, stay calm, happy, confident and productive. And handle life with ease every day? Then, THIS IS FOR YOU

Come and learn the simple 3-step system that ended my decades-long battle with stress anxiety depression overwhelm and unhappiness - No pills or scary labels.

Just straightforward honesty, layers of experience, and simple strategies and techniques, that work!

I discovered that negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs are only a problem as long as we don't know why they come up, or how to get rid of them. Now you can - simply and naturally.

If you're ready to learn new ways to free yourself, I'll guide you every step of the way. So you too can stay calm, happy and productive. And ENJOY LIFE at work and at home.

I've been where you are & found natural ways out

When you use these principles & techniques you'll be amazed how fast negative thoughts and feelings start to fade and eventually vanish.

My Revolutionary Discovery

I discovered that REAL happiness doesn't depend on people, possessions, experiences, status, job role, or money... it just appears - when we stay peaceful inside.

Real happiness is our true nature (True-Self)... it's effortless, free, it comes from the inside out, and, it's easy to maintain - with simple daily practices.

Once you reconnect with and start living from your True-Self. Everything starts to change for the better. We start to feel good, sleep well, smile more. Become calm, happy with ourselves. Build great relationships. Go-with-the-flow of life. Get-more-done. Live life with more ease every single day & LOVE IT.

Who is this for?

CEO's, Business Owners, Managers, Employees, Key Workers. And ANYONE
who wants the skills to stay calm, happy and productive - at work and at home

Tired of feeling?

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Depressed (Common Depression)
  • Like a failure
  • Lonely, Empty, Lost
  • Unloved or unlovable
  • Guilty
  • Regretful
  • Angry
  • Unhappy for no reason

If any of these feelings are impacting your focus - productivity - relationships - home life - health - happiness or fun - THIS IS FOR YOU

Are you ready to?

  1. PEEL AWAY THE PRESSURE. Clear stress in natural ways - fast.
  2. Increase productivity effortlessly.
  3. Increase success with ease.
  4. Feel calmer, more confident & in control, when you want to.
  5. Uncover your real natural happiness.
  6. Secure lasting positive change.
  7. Discover a simple route to better health and great relationships.
  8. Gain the missing skills that reveal the simple joy of living life with ease.
  9. Have the ENERGY and enthusiasm to fully participate in and enjoy the life-style you want.

In 5 sessions you'll learn:
Essential Happiness4Life skills that aren't taught at home school or uni

1. HOW YOU GOT HERE = Understand

  • An accepted engineering principle is that you can never fix a problem you don't fully understand. 
  • You'll find out how you accidentally and innocently became stressed and unhappy in the first place.
  • You'll discover why your negative feelings have to happen and how they actually help you.

2. HOW YOU GET OUT = Neutralise

  • You'll learn the proven, reliable strategies and techniques I found and developed over 9 years.
  • How to use them to neutralise and dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs, when they appear.
  • You will feel calmer and happier as soon as you experience these techniques, and every time you use them.
  • Once learned you'll have these priceless nature-given happiness tools available to you - forever.

3. HOW YOU STAY OUT = Maintain

  • Using these simple, highly effective strategies and techniques every day. You'll soon learn how to establish and maintain inner peace. (The superhighway to real lasting happiness, health success)
  • These little-known life-skills will allow you to stay calm, happy, confident and productive. 
  • You'll be able to handle life with maximum ease - every single day.

Are you READY to uncover your 
REAL HAPPINESS and keep it?

I've done it for myself and would love to show you how

Welcome to 

Life-changing skills for lasting happiness and stress-free-living

Why are we so unhappy?

We're living in a stress anxiety depression and unhappiness EPIDEMIC and it's getting worse

We have MORE THINGS, conveniences, food, opportunities & entertainment than ever... and yet sooo many of us are MORE MISERABLE than ever.


And I discovered how to bring back the forgotten happiness, stress-free-living and productivity skills we were ALL born with!




“I had Anxiety for 25 years, from age 10 - Counselling & medication didn’t work, THIS DOES".

I had 5 sessions with Julian

Bradley Bones

Carpenter / Business Owner - Dymchurch UK



Life-changing, nothing has ever worked so fast, or so sustainably"

Jennifer Flynn

The Balance Maven / Business Owner - Colorado USA


“I was locked in depression & stomach pain. After 2 weeks this is already changing my life, I can think clearer, smile and I feel happy again"


Gideon Nielsen

Journey Navigator / Entrepreneur & Travel Writer - Denmark

Why this program works!

  • Because it doesn't hopelessly treat the symptoms of stress, negative thoughts, feelings & unhappiness. Together we'll identify & resolve the REAL ROOT CAUSES that are keeping you unhappy.

  • Everyone is out there trying to fix a broken or dysfunctional mind - MIND IS THE PROBLEM. It is completely misunderstood & therefore totally unmanaged - The Western Psychological Model is wrong! All the great masters know this: Dr David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Adams, Sadhguru, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi etc etc... 

  • I developed this program on myself over 9 years of non-stop trial & error. It offers you proven, clear-cut strategies & techniques to:
    1) Quickly quieten your racing or negative mind.
    2) Understand what negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs & behaviours really are. Why they come up (To help us, believe it or not)
    3) And how to progressively neutralise & dissolve them for good.

"This is my live's work - it undoubtedly saved my life - it can help you too"

Services, Products & Pricing

5 session 1-to-1 Course

Complete Package
with life-time support


Bespoke 1-to-1 intensive.
The fastest way to make  lasting POSITIVE improvements in your Happiness, Mental Well-being and Enjoyment of Life.

The “typical programme” is five 90 minute sessions, but it is tailored to your personal needs. 

Sessions may be longer as we don’t stop partway through the work. The number of sessions may vary. I work with you, at your pace, until you are happy with your progress.


Sessions are held over zoom -
distance is no obstacle

Other packages available:

Group Sessions:

Lasting-happiness & Stress-free-living Classes
I'm recruiting the next Group now - ready to start as soon as we have 6 people. Please contact me ASAP if you would like to join us - Seats fill up fast.

- Live sessions Tuesday's at 10.30 - in Dymchurch

- Online Group - Please email me for times & dates -

Schools Packages:

Lasting-happiness & Stress-free-living , Train-the-Trainer
I provide a support package for schools. I train nominated members of staff to deliver the core training 'REAL HAPPINESS NOW' and provide them with ongoing support and backup. Please contact me for full details and pricing.

Company Packages:

Lasting-happiness, Productivity & Stress-free-living Classes

I can deliver this training to individuals, groups of staff or customers. Either remotely or on company premises (location permitting). Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and pricing. 

Creator of Happy Onion Living

Julian Robus - Luckiest bloke on the planet.
Because I found the KEYS to living with ease!

  • Lasting-happiness and Stress-free-living Mentor
  • Inner Peace, Mindful Living and Real-meditation Instructor
  • Accidental Taoist and Spiritual Teacher

Hi, I'm Julian,

I've been where you are...
In 2008 after decades of fighting severe stress anxiety depression and unhappiness, I lost the will to live. (Which made no sense at all, because I had everything)

For the love of my family I somehow found the strength & courage to carry on. I've never believed in alcohol, drugs or medication, so I had to find a natural way out.

My pain & suffering led me to discover little-known ancient methods that will help you quieten your mind - UNDERSTAND, neutralise and dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs & behaviours - SIMPLY & NATURALLY. 

I'll show you exactly how I did it, so you too can create a much calmer, happier, simpler life - YOU'LL ENJOY.

These strategies & techniques can make us highly productive too - they did me.

"I just wanted to know how to be happy & enjoy life at work & at home".  NOW I KNOW - I can show you how.

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